King of the Hill

::Pours a gin and tonic – two slices of lime::
::Sits down for a long night of doing nothing::

I’ve taken the night off. I figured I poke around the internet for a bit. I’ve got some interview with GWB going on in the background. Quite entertaining actually. It plays out like a satire, only the laugh dries up in my throat. Yes, he’s kinda cute but he’s not Clinton. Mmmm Clinton.

Tony’s more my type anyway.

This past weekend I was named King of the Hill. Seriously. I love that everyone thinks I’m Prime Minister without actually having to be elected.

*hugs Canada*

Also *hugs not_tru_eliza in red leather pants*

Is there any good porn out there? Where’s kopy_kat? Any more Little House on the Prairie stories? What about some Happy Days fanfiction – Fonzy/Potsie would be perfect tonight.
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Hello Internet community

Hello there. I am Paul Martin, the Prime Minister of Canada. I will be replacing notjean, when the old fart finally leaves office he retires. That is, of course, if I win both the Liberal leadership and the Federal election. Fortunately most of the country already thinks I’ve got my ass in the big chair already I’m a shoe-in.

But just because I’m likely to win by a landslide, that’s no reason to stop campaigning. It’s come to my attention that there exists a contingent that I haven’t captured the love of: The on-line community. So I’ve started this LiveJournal to win your hearts.

Why you should love meCollapse )
I also plan to have all references to the current Prime Minister stricken from the public record. Except for the pepper-spray bit. That still makes me laugh my ass off. (or should I say LMAO – I want to sound groovy fly</strike> under the age of 60 internet savvy.)

This has not been a paid political announcement. LJ let me post for free. Eventhough I'm a rich SOB
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